Welcome to my campaign page!

These are some of the areas I want to focus on:


  • People and environment- from security, to the air we breathe, to tackling homelessness…

It is vital that the environment we all live and work in keeps us safe from physical harm, provides for those less fortunate than ourselves and enables us to carry out our day to day business in an efficient way.

Photo 11-02-2018, 11 45 20 am

If elected, my work in Common Council will take into consideration the impacts to our environment and the wellbeing of the people of Bishopsgate, whatever their socio-economic situation. With an extra £427,000 provided to help tackle homelessness in the Square Mile, this is front and centre in the Corporation’s sights and must remain a priority for Bishopsgate Ward, as well.

  • Education, Education, Education– Over the past 20 years, I have seen first-hand, the great things achievable by working with Inner City schools, children’s charities and literacy groups…

Improving the standards of educated people within the Inner City directly impacts upon The Square Mile. Having an educated workforce on our doorstep is one of the ways we can help London remain one of the brightest stars amongst global cities. There are many groups in the City actively working with a number of educational charities and organisations, encouraging outreach programmes, mentoring and visiting City institutions. I would continue my work in this field and reach out to businesses in the Ward to participate further.

Photo 11-02-2018, 6 58 15 pm

  • Business- Building confidence in our ability to adapt and engage with new innovations…

It is important that The City is at the forefront of creating a firm foundation for the future economy of Britain, post-Brexit.

Having experienced business people with a global outlook, supports the City Corporation’s efforts to engage strongly across the EU, as well as ensuring media coverage and engagement occurs at major Party conferences. I will continue to reinforce the messaging that the City is a welcoming environment for international businesses to thrive, with our infrastructure and connectivity aiding our prime international position. I will promote new innovations and technologies that can aid the businesses in the Ward to keep ahead of the curve.

Photo 11-02-2018, 6 34 13 pm

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