Experience in The City


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The City of London has been the centre of trade and commerce for centuries, but I wanted to address my own experience within it.

My work, over the past 20 years, has taken me to nearly every corner of the World, where energy producers need projects to be executed efficiently and securely.

I have worked with Major banks in The City to put together trade structures that enable supply chain and manufacturing to be undertaken with surety. The depth of knowledge and experience of our financial centre should not be underplayed, as we enter some uncertain times ahead, with regulatory and legal changes inevitable.

Bridging the sector I work in, with the financial services sector has been hugely rewarding for me, in giving me a breadth of understanding on project structuring, but also to see how our own Financial sector compares to others. I have undertaken project financing in many territories, but with the core skills within The City, few others can undertake complex projects and weigh international risks, in the same way as London.

Together with the insurance markets, providing their services on top of shipping and logistics firms, I have found the Square Mile to be a great platform for conducting business internationally and it is my intention to work hard to ensure The City remains a global centre of excellence for traditional financial services, as well as embracing new innovations and fintech companies that are emerging.

It is vital that we use these foundations as The City’s core tenets and I am going to be campaigning to ensure that our financial services firms are both well informed and listened to, as Brexit starts to come to fruition.

The City has, through the IRSG, worked towards a strategic approach to issues impacting financial services providers.

Through the City’s special representative to the EU, Jeremy Browne, there is extensive engagement with EU member states, explaining the views of UK based financial and professional services.

The International Engagement Programme has led the City’s Policy Chairman to visit the US, Singapore and India, to meet with business, government and regulators to discuss coordinating international regulatory structures. Alongside this, the Lord Mayor’s extensive international programme, promotes The City as a place to invest and highlights the UK’s service sector exports.

The City Corporation was a founder member of TheCityUK. It has established a European Financial Services Chairmen’s Advisory Council (EFSCAC) to be an informal sounding board and oversight group. It comprises a number of major financial institutions and the City Corporation’s Policy Chairman.

With so much concern on the future of our financial services sector, I want to make it a key focus for my campaign: from the individuals working within this industry, to the voices of those firms effected by Brexit, to attracting start-up fintech firms into The City.


Martin Allison

“Dear Electors, I have known Shravan for over a decade now, when RBS/NatWest was involved in structuring and providing international trade instruments for his company’s business needs. His experience in developing territories and understanding of complex financial mechanisms meant that we could construct trade structures that were ground breaking in the industry, with confidence knowing that they would be delivered upon. We have remained in touch occasionally over the years and I have always found him to be committed, courteous and convivial in his approach. I am sure that if Shravan was elected to Common Councilman in Bishopsgate, his commercial flair and experience would make him an excellent representative, for both for the larger and smaller businesses in the area.

Martin Allison FCIB MBA

Ex Head of International Banking Services, Royal Bank of Scotland/Nat West, London



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