One month in…

Since the by-election on 19th March, its been  very busy time, and a steep learning curve. Kudos to my opponents, who all fought a positive campaign, which ensured that we could all focus on the real issues facing the area.

First up comes the volumes of information from Guildhall, dates for set piece meetings, introductions to the key executive team and information on communications, responsibilities and protocols.


Introduction to The Lord Mayor of London

My introduction to the Court of Common Council was on 19th April, which was my formal entry to the role. Its the main decision making body within The City and the meetings are open to the public. Well worth coming along, to see how it is run.

This link has all the meeting dates: City Diary

Most importantly, I have now got clarity on the committees I am on:

-Planning & Transport

-Port Health & Environment


All of these link to the sorts of topics raised by people I spoke to during the election campaign and I hope that my inputs can help improve and enhance Bishopsgate further.

Of course, I am always available to hear about any concerns or issues you feel need to be addressed and you can contact me or follow me on Twitter:


mobile: 07760663006

twitter: @shravanjoshi

Many thanks again to everyone who made this happen!

Warm Regards


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