Martin Allison FCIB MBA, Ex Head of International Banking Services, Royal Bank of Scotland/Nat West, London “Dear Electors, I have known Shravan for over a decade now, when RBS/NatWest was involved in structuring and providing international trade instruments for his company’s business needs. His experience in developing territories and understanding of complex financial mechanisms meant... Continue Reading →

Policing Crime in Bishopsgate

The City of London Police are part of what makes The City so unique. With only about 9,000 residents, but about 400,000 people coming in to the Square Mile daily to work, they have to deal with a variety of demographic that sets them apart from any other police force. However, it should not be... Continue Reading →

Welcome to my campaign page!

These are some of the areas I want to focus on:   People and environment- from security, to the air we breathe, to tackling homelessness... It is vital that the environment we all live and work in keeps us safe from physical harm, provides for those less fortunate than ourselves and enables us to carry... Continue Reading →

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